Chiropractic Affirmations for Health and Healing

This app is a general calendar with daily inspirations for each day of the year.

Bookmark Affirmations

Collect your favorite affirmations in one place using bookmarks.  When new favorites are found simply unmark the old affirmations and start over.

Portrait or Landscape Mode

Choose between a more compact portrait mode and a wider landscape mode for maximum usage of the screen. Browse through the calendar by swiping between the affirmations in both modes, even when they have been bookmarked.

Native Developed for Android and iPhone

This is a native developed app for both Android and iPhone devices.

Shuffle the Affirmations

Use the shuffle function and jump to  randomly chosen affirmation.

General Calendar – One Affirmation for Each Day of the Year

This Chiropractic Affirmations app is a general calendar, allowing it to be used for many years to come.

Share an Affirmation with Friends

The share function allows you to share a healing message with a friend on Facebook, Twitter and via E-mail.

About Us

ChiroCommunication is a company originating from mainstream Chiropractic that promotes natural health and healing through affirmations.

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